James's Wishes is a short of Thomas the Trackmaster Show.



  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Coal Mine
  • Sodor Steamworks
  • Sodor
  • Gare Montparasse


  • This is the second St. Patrick's Day short of the series.
  • Reference to Percy's Wishes is used.
  • This is the first Thomas the Track Master Show holiday short to feature Ramahfool's voice being deeper due to puberty.


  • Thomas's driver could've unlocked the doors of the shed.
  • Neville could've been painted back to normal at the steamworks
  • it is unknown how James was able to fit in the car
  • when James is time traveling on the present time board it says march 9th but st. Patrick's day is march 17th


  • Ramahfool: everyone

Quotes Edit

  • (After Nevill is turned red) Nevill:"Oh man, this is so embarrassing! James, change me back by using your third wish."
  • James:"Nah, you look cute this way."
  • Thomas:"You must do exactly what Nevill says or I will post this shunt me sign on the back of your tender!"
  • James:"Alright my last wish is to have Thomas locked up in his shed!"
  • Thomas:"what?!" (He is locked in his shed) Hey! get me out of here right now James no one locks me up!"
  • James:"Well Thomas, next time you bribe me, I'm bribing you!"
  • Leprecan:"Zoo-Wee-Mama!"
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