This is about Season 1 of Thomas the Trackmaster Show.


The Great Discovery--- Thomas is afraid of Dennis, but James tells him to fight.

Thomas and Tillie--- Thomas is in love with Tillie, and Henry, James, Percy, and Jack are trying to help him.

The Trouble with Thomas--- Thomas causes trouble, but James helps him fix it all up.

Mother's Day--- Duck wants to get a Mother's Day gift for his mother, while Thomas gets to see his grandma.

The Donut Sneakers--- Billy and Thomas trick Toby into giving them donuts.

No Rules Rule or New Friend--- Emily meets a garbage engine named Whiff.

Cousin Neville--- Thomas and Billy return from jail, and Thomas's cousin Neville arrives.

Spencer In Trouble--- Spencer causes trouble for Neville, Duck, and Harold, but fixes it all up.

Bill and Ben --- Bill and Ben cause grief for James, so the engines get back at them.


James and Duck--- James teases Duck for his name, but regrets it when he has to deal with troublesome trucks.

Good Morning--- Thomas helps the engines begin their jobs.

Train Safety Tips 1: Stay Alive--- Thomas teaches Henry to be smart.

Trainz-Mart--- Thomas and Edward buy gross cookies from James, Percy, and Henry's Trainz Mart.

Holiday ShortsEdit

Christmas Short 1:Holiday Mess-Up --- Molly deilivers presents to the engines.



  • Ramahfool: everyone except Bill
  • TrainerThomasTank: Bill
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