The Great Discovery is the first episode of Thomas the Trackmaster Show

The Great Discovery


April 18th, 2008

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When Dennis comes to Sodor, Thomas is scared because he bullied him




  • This is the first episode of Thomas the Trackmaster Show
  • This episode is likely to be an inspiration from the Tomy Thomas and Friends episode Knock-Out Thomas.
  • Mike is an inspriration from Big Mikey from Tomy Thomas and Friends.
  • Bachmann Thomas makes an appearance for the very first time
  • This is the only episode not to use the intro and end credits, probably because it wasn't posted to YouTube when it was made.
  • This is one of the only episodes where there is a drawing on Tidmouth Sheds it is also the only episode where the turntable sounds like a toy piano when it turns,
  • this is the only episode where Thomas is referred to as Tommy in this case by James.

Goofs/ Errors Edit

  • Sir Topham Hatt has a calendar with 59 days in August, and 3 days in May.
  • The fax and vacuum change.

Quotes Edit

  • James:"Welcome to our boot camp! Is this the boot camp? Uhh, yeah this is the boot camp."
  • James:" If you want to get the bacholorette number 1, she will have to be intradative of you! If you want to be like a princess, you've got to act like a princess and be a princess."
  • Gordon:"Aww! He misses him!"
  • James: "Oh my gosh, Spongebob, save him!"
  • Thomas: "That's Ghost Rider, I think."
  • Percy: "And I think Thomas bit me once."
  • Sir Topham Hatt: "And there's Easter, oh it's Easter? Not really, *laughs* "
  • (Last Lines) Narrator: "Good-bye, folks."


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