Thomas The Trackmaster Show

The Engines & Diesels

Thomas the Trackmaster Show is a show created by Ramahfool.

It has lasted 12 episodes, The last episode was uploaded in the summer of 2012, so it's unknown when the next episode will arive.

While it may a show for kids it might also be a show for adults as some of the early episodes and early shorts have engines saying a curse word with a bleep. But nowadays, The Engines don't say curse words that much often.

He used to use Windows Movie Maker 6. But now he uses iMovie. He also uses Microsoft Paint for the pictures.

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  • Cars 2


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Season 1Edit

  • The Great Discovery
  • Thomas and Tillie
  • Trouble with Thomas
  • Motherś day
  • The Donut Sneakers
  • No Rules Rule or New Friend
  • Cousin Neville
  • Spencer in trouble
  • Bill and Ben


  • James and Duck
  • Good Morning

Train Safety Tips

  • Stay Alive


  • HO Trackmaster

Holiday Shorts/Specials

  • Christmas 1- Holiday Mess Up
  • Valentines Special- The Perfect Valentine


  • Picture
  • Watching
  • Canyons
  • Pools
  • Bullys
  • Cars
  • Gap
  • Accidents

Season 2Edit

  • Thomas Fire Drill
  • Gordon Returns
  • The Bully
  • Fatty Goes Up
  • Madge's First Day
  • Train Safety Tips
  • Avoid Bridges and Tunnels


  • Staring Contest
  • Path
  • Rushing
  • Energy
  • Oblivious
  • Speed
  • Swap
  • Explosion
  • Old line
  • Chase
  • Bumping
  • Toast


Holiday Shorts/SpecialsEdit

  • Christmas Special- Naughty Crane


  • Engine for President

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